Home Putting Green by Using Artificial Grass

Do you enjoy mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, aerating, having to replant seeds, edging, and watering your lawn? Wouldn’t there really be many other things you would rather be doing than trying to keep up with maintaining your lawn or having the expense of paying someone else to do it? In many cases, having a well-manicured lawn is like fighting an uphill battle. Lawns face drought, extreme heat, and heavy rains or snows, depending on which part of the country you live in, making the task quite difficult. Just maintaining your lawn can take a significant amount of time, often taking up more than a day each month.

If you want a beautiful, perfectly cut green lawn 365 days a year that never needs any maintenance or watering, then you need residential artificial grass. Imagine all the time you save not having to maintain your lawn but you can still have all the benefits and enjoyment of a grass surface. With synthetic grass, you can literally save days or weeks out of the year; having the time to do the activities you enjoy doing.Visit artificial lawn for more details.

Artificial grass can also save you money, as there are no maintenance costs. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars a year on lawn equipment, lawn tools, fertilizers, seed, and other lawn products. If your lawnmower or other expensive lawn tools are in need of replacement, now is a great time to get residential artificial grass. You will not need be needing these tools as most artificial lawns are designed to last 10-20 years. And if you pay for lawn maintenance service, you could easily be paying over $1,000 per year for this service.

Artificial grass is a realistic looking, safe and durable alternative to natural grass. Even dogs love it, as it is soft and comfortable on their paws. You will love that their paws, legs, and coat will no longer be wet and muddy after being outside in wet conditions. With synthetic grass, there are no puddles or mud. It drains quickly and does not stain or leave odour from urine. Also, the way it is designed, dogs cannot dig into the surface.

Artificial lawns make particularly good sense in dry climates such as Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona, where water is at a premium and growing conditions are difficult. But synthetic grass is ideal in any climate. With this surface, you can have a barbecue, let the kids play, kick the soccer ball around, play catch, set up the crochet, and throw the boccie ball around on your perfectly manicured lawn 365 days a year. You will never have to worry about dead spots, overgrown grass, moss, or weeds again.

Having a synthetic lawn is also good for the environment. Check with your manufacturer, but the materials used are typically safe and non-toxic. Artificial grass requires no watering at all so your water bill may go down drastically some months saving hundreds or thousands of gallons in water use each year. Also with an artificial surface, you will not have to use weed killers, fertilizers, or other chemicals on your lawn that can end up in local streams harming fish and wildlife.